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17 February
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Hi Everyone,

I'm an illustration major from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I'm currently in my last semester here at MCAD and I'm squeaking through with 16 credits, so I've got more than a full course load. I might be busy so sometimes I may disappear for a day or two, but if you really need to contact me you can e-mail me at awhitney@mcad.edu or contact@amber-whitney.com

Happy Yeti Designs: A line of custom bento boxes that I started making for my Product Design class (I love getting to mix homework and my interests!) The first box (CatBat Monster Box) was designed for my little sister, Brenna. I'm still working on getting all the kinks worked out of production and shipping, and there have been a few setbacks, but I'm sure that I'll get it streamlined a bit more soon so I can focus more on designing new and fun boxes and other projects.